Coach Development Team

The members of our Coach Development Team are highly skilled individuals who deliver NICAS training sessions, including face-to-face workshops and online inductions, to coaches at our accredited centres. Many of them work across a variety of roles in the climbing industry, for example as GB coaches and as qualification providers, as well as being named personnel at NICAS accredited centres. The team is as follows (with their NICAS accredited centre roles also listed):

  • Stephen Skinner – Products Manager and head of Coach Development
  • Melissa Bacon – Course Director (Oxford Brookes)
  • Ben Brooks – Course Director (Redpoint Bristol)
  • Jon Chamberlain – Technical Advisor (multiple centres)
  • Joby Maw Davis – Technical Advisor and Competent Person (multiple centres)
  • Mark Garland – Technical Advisor (multiple centres)
  • Danny Griffith – Course Director, Competent Person and Technical Advisor (multiple centres)
  • Alan Halewood – Technical Expert and Technical Advisor (muliple centres)
  • Chas Hall – Course Director (Alter Rock)
  • Stuart Howard – Climbing Coach (Chimera Climbing)
  • Jay Jackson – Technical Advisor (Dyno Climbing)
  • Graham Little – Technical Advisor and Coach (PrestonWall)
  • Tim Miller – Course Director (Boulder Shack)
  • Pete Nellist – Course Director (The Peak), Technical Advisor (multiple centres)
  • Juliet Scott – Climbing Coach (multiple centres)
  • Jamie Vardy – Competent Person (Depot Sheffield)