The North Face has created a digital racial inclusion and allyship course. This course is aimed at making the outdoors equitable, but is highly applicable to the indoor climbing sector too.

Whilst there are some great examples of inclusion within indoor climbing, there is still more that can be done on the provision of truly equitable experiences for all. There are a number of indoor climbing examples used within the course.

NICAS’s trustee, and founder of Clmbxr, Rotimi Odukoya, is one of The North Face athletes whose lived experiences are shared in the course and we are grateful to him for raising awareness in this way.

The North Face has stated that: “exploration is within everyone, but some face more barriers than others. This course is designed to educate, support and empower those who are in the best position possible to play an active role in realising the goal of creating an truly equitable outdoors and a sense of belonging for all”

Access the course here (4 modules, less than 1 hour of learning time, and a certificate is awarded upon completion)