Wild Climbers Scheme Overview

NICAS Wild Climbers offers climbing skills for all, from age 3 and upwards. It’s a fun, game orientated programme that aims to introduce climbers safely into the indoor climbing environment, developing their awareness of climbing movements, improving confidence and creating a grassroots pathway into additional climbing activities. Wild Climbers is a programme that is designed to be inclusive and accessible for all.

NICAS Wild Climbers meets the 3 key learning areas of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) which is the precursor to Key Stage 1, and includes Communication, Physical Development, and Social & Emotional Development.

Additionally, the NICAS Wild Climbers resources encourage inclusivity for all participants, including climbers with additional needs. The programme allows six skill areas to be individualised when setting personal goals.


NICAS Wild Climbers centres are able to use the links below to download posters for your walls to showcase what NICAS Wild Climbers is all about. Available to print directly or with trim marks for professional printer options.