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NICAS is proud to offer four award schemes: NICAS Wild Climbers, NICAS Clip, NICAS Climbing (our original scheme) and NICAS Bouldering. Our schemes provide a safe, fun introduction to climbing indoors, helping learners to develop climbing movement skills and build their confidence, and create a grassroots pathway to additional climbing activities both indoors and outdoors. Climbers can record progress in their own logbook, giving learners a clear roadmap to track their climbing achievements and a sense of being part of the NICAS community. Finally, by using a NICAS accredited centre, you can be confident in the quality of coaching.

NICAS Wild Climbers

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NICAS Wild Climbers is a fun, game filled scheme available from age 3. It aims to introduce early years climbers safely into the indoor climbing environment.

  • Age: 3+
  • Type of Climbing: Age-appropriate traversing, bouldering, top-roping or auto-belay (depending on centre facilities)
  • Progression: Earn animal certificates for 6 different climbing skills

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NICAS Clip introduces climbing skills with the use of auto belays (the climber is clipped into a specialized device, the auto belay, that takes the place of a person holding a rope). NICAS Clip is available to climbers aged 6 and over. It aims to introduce climbers to the principles of climbing movement in a managed way and give a good introduction into climbing skills.

    • Age: 6+
    • Types of Climbing: Auto-belay
    • Progression: Complete your Foundation award then your Advanced award

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    NICAS Climbing

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    NICAS Climbing is for all climbers aged 7 to 70 and beyond. This is a nationally recognised scheme that take you from novice to experienced indoor climber, through five levels. Many thousands of climbers have learnt the ropes with NICAS Climbing.

      • Age: 7+
      • Types of Climbing: Roped climbing, bouldering from Level 2, lead climbing from Level 4, competition climbing from Level 5
      • Progression: From Level 1 (New Climber) through to Level 5 (Advanced Climber)

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      NICAS Bouldering

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      NICAS Bouldering is our nationally recognised bouldering scheme moving through five levels from novice to experienced indoor boulderer.

        • Age: 7+
        • Types of Climbing: Bouldering only (no ropes), competition climbing from Level 4
        • Progression: From Level 1 (New Boulderer) through to Level 5 (Performance Boulderer)

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