Purple banner with "CLIP" in white letters under NICAS logo, representing the Clip auto-belay scheme

What is NICAS Clip?

NICAS Clip aims to introduce new climbers, including young children, safely into the indoor climbing environment, develop their awareness of climbing movements, improve confidence, and create a pathway to additional climbing activities. It focuses on the safe use of auto belay facilities, fun experiences within climbing through gamification of sport, and the movement skills that underpin climbing techniques.

NICAS Clip can be delivered at dedicated auto-belay adventure parks or traditional climbing walls with a minimum of 4 auto belays, as long as the routes are suitable for beginners and show progression. It is suitable for ages 6 years upwards and a ratio of 1:8 is recommended.

Information for parents and carers

The easiest way to find out more about NICAS Clip, including the aims and learning outcomes, is to have a look through our handbook, which you can download below.

Find your nearest NICAS Clip centre

NICAS Clip climbers need to be registered directly on our NICAS Clip Portal. For climbers who are taking part in the programme, find out more and register:

Information for centres

If your centre is already accredited for NICAS Climbing or NICAS Bouldering, the Course Director plus any Assistant Course Directors need to complete an induction for NICAS Clip led by the NICAS Coach Development Team. To book an online NICAS Clip induction, please check our events calendar for induction dates.

If your centre is not accredited for NICAS Climbing or NICAS Bouldering, you will need to book a NICAS Clip workshop. We can offer a full-day bespoke NICAS Clip workshop at your centre, including all necessary inductions as well as working through the games that bring Wild Climbers to life, for £250+VAT. Workshops usually run from 10am to 4pm and can cater for up to 9 participants. Please contact us to organise a workshop and check available training dates.

Boy in purple NICAS t-shirt balancing a bean bag on his head in a climbing wall with other children watching on smiling.