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How do I use this NICAS Pro site?


Please watch this handy video [to add] to find your way around some of the key features of the site.

This will highlight how to join your climbing wall (or relevant group), where to find resources, using the coach directory, updating your profile, finding additional online learning modules, overview of the shop, and a look at the NICAS Pro events calendar.

Once you have completed this initial online learning course, you will be awarded a “verified” status. That will allow you to search for and join your climbing wall and gain further access to NICAS Pro resources, which are made available based on the centre you are based at and what they deliver NICAS wise. Just search the wall directory (top menu) and request access. Reminder, this will only be possible once you’ve completed this online learning course and gained your verified status.

The person responsible for NICAS at your wall will approve your admission to the wall’s online area and from there you will be good to go! If you are that person – and so there is no-one ready to set up your access, you can contact the NICAS team directly for help. Email us at pro@nicas.co.uk 

Finally we would like to draw your attention to the terms of service of our site which were linked to on the nicas.co.uk registration page. By continuing to use the nicas.co.uk system you agree to these terms, in particular, relating to the downloading and sharing of information on the site which has been provided solely for the benefit of registered users who are accredited to deliver the NICAS schemes.