Partner Seminar Series: Better Belaying

In a huge collaboration between Mountain Training, the BMC, Mountaineering Ireland, Mountaineering Scotland, NICAS and The Association of British Climbing Walls we put together a short series of LIVE informational webinars to help guide and empower the climbing wall industry in the UK. This is the third webinar that was held.

Overview of Seminar

In this Webinar we look at Better Belaying, what is poor belaying, how can we improve it and how we can help other improve. This workshop was delivered by Jon Garside (BMC) and Raymond Li (Westway Climbing Centre).

Thousands of people have their first climbing experience in walls every year, learning good belaying behaviours from the outset is crucially important. The first half of this workshop will consider teaching belaying to develop and instil good belayer behaviours. Poor belaying is sadly not uncommon and can result in serious injury. The second half was on how Raymond Li and the team at Westway deal with interventions when poor practice/behaviours are witness and need to be addressed and how its evolved over the years of me working in a wall. How they managed to address skill/knowledge fade with a senior group of climbers at the Westway.