Play Their Way: Child-First Coaching

What is Play Their Way?

Play Their Way aims to kick-start a movement of child-first coaches, organisations and people changing the game from the ground up. Their goal is for all children and young people (regardless of age, background or ability) to have a voice, choice and decide their journey when participating in sport and physical activity, so they develop a genuine and lifelong love for being active.

Sport England Active Lives Survey Stats. 47% of children who do exercise say they strongly agree that they enjoy it.

Why was it set up?

A child’s sporting experience can impact their relationship with sport and activity for life, negatively or positively. Sector research shows that not enough children are having good experiences. It’s holding them back from playing, exercising and enjoying sports.

The Children’s Coaching Collaborative (the group who set up Play Their Way) believe that child-first coaches are the key to unlocking those positive experiences – and transforming children and young people’s lives for good.

What can I do?

The bottom line as a NICAS coach: If your participants aren’t having fun and don’t feel empowered in their own sporting journey, then they may stop climbing and that would be a huge shame.

If you would like to access some tips and resources that have been created by the team at Play Their Way then do visit their coaching resources. We have selected an example of one of their downloads, to give you a feel for what is on offer. Also, check out a recent article about empowering girls in Sport.