Updated site-specific training guidance from Mountain Training

Front cover of the Site-Specific Climbing Wall Training Scheme Guidance next to a quote from NICAS Technical Expert, Joby Maw Davis: "This was a timely and much needed update to the climbing industry and provides valuable resources for climbing facilities, owners, managers and technical experts."

In a significant development for the indoor climbing industry, our partner Mountain Training has recently released updated guidance for site-specific climbing wall training schemes. This guidance, aimed at ensuring the competency of staff at indoor climbing walls, has been warmly welcomed by NICAS.

The “Site-Specific Climbing Wall Training Scheme Guidance” outlines the principles and considerations for establishing site-specific training schemes. These are used by some climbing centres to ensure the competency of their staff, especially where those staff have not yet gained a nationally recognised qualification such as the Climbing Wall Instructor award.

Endorsed by the ABC, BMC, Mountaineering Ireland and Mountaineering Scotland, the guidance emphasises the role of the technical advisor, which is pivotal in maintaining the quality and safety standards of these training schemes.

As you may know, NICAS requires climbing walls that wish to become accredited to name a Technical Advisor for NICAS Climbing or (Competent Person for NICAS Bouldering) in support of their application, and to meet certain standards in order to assure the ongoing quality of our schemes as well as the safety and enjoyment of learners taking part. NICAS sets out minimum requirements for qualifications and training for the Course Directors and coaches who deliver our schemes, and these vary by scheme and by level. For coaches looking to deliver NICAS Climbing or NICAS Bouldering Levels 1 and 2, we accept a site-specific assessment and sign-off by their named Technical Advisor or Competent Person, in place of a national climbing qualification.

We strongly encourage our accredited centres to read this updated guidance, and work with their technical advisors to ensure any site-specific sign-offs remain fit for purpose and reflect developments in good practice.

NICAS Technical Expert, Joby Maw Davis, who is also a leading course provider for Mountain Training England (MTE) and internationally recognised as a leader Technical and Safety Advisor, commented that he was delighted to have been involved in updating this publication:

“Having contributed to the previous version some years ago, it was timely and a much needed update to the climbing industry to provide these valuable resources for climbing facilities, owners, managers and technical experts.”

In alignment with NICAS’s commitment to maintaining high standards in climbing instruction, we believe the updated guidance from Mountain Training serves as an invaluable resource for our accredited centres and their technical advisors, and will bring hugely positive outcomes to the industry as whole.

Download the updated guidance from the Mountain Training here:

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